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About Us

Here at Humble Healings Haverhill, we aim to heal the mind, body, and soul to help people find products and services to heal holistically. From functional mushrooms for immunity to CBD for relief. Crystals and stones help rebalance and align your energy, and spiritual books bring peace and clarity to your mind. Our goal is to educate people on how to heal themselves naturally and provide a calm, peaceful environment to explore. ​We offer a wide variety of FDA-approved services. Such as our infrared sauna,  providing treatments depending on your health goals, and our infrared biomat, filled with amethyst crystals, bringing you the ultimate relaxation.


We value supporting the community and carry a variety of products from local small businesses that are natural and handmade. Art is a big part of Haverhill's downtown community. We honor this by supporting local artists. We feature artists every month and host monthly art lounges. Our wellness lounge has been ongoing for the past four years, and as the new owner, I plan on carrying this tradition. Our wellness lounge consists of spiritual guidance, for example, reiki, tarot card readings, crystal healings, and pop-ups from local vendors. Reach out to us today to join our community.

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